Las Vegas Toy Shack Featured On Pawn Stars

The Toy Shack of Las Vegas has recently been the go to vintage toy expert for Big Hoss, Chum Lee and Rick over at the gold and silver pawn shop in Las Vegas lately.

Ever since the show Pawn Stars has been running on the History channel, the Old Man and family have been approached by everything that has ever had a percieved value in Americas history. Including toys… vintage toys, 80’s toys, hot wheels, die cast, slot cars and much more.

When that happens the Las Vegas Toy Shack has been called on as the vintage toy expert.

So far Johnny Jimenez has been featured on the show to appraise a $20,000+ Hasbro Transformer collection, some MIB, a vintage 12” GI Joe Nurse, and the most complete Western toy collection you have ever seen. It’s anyones guess as to what may come up next.

If you live in Clark County, NV, and feel you have a vintage toy collection that you would like to sell on Pawn Stars, contact us at;